Annual Report 2011-12
Sl. No. Annual Report Content Pdf
1. Cover Page  [PDF](1.56 MB)
2. Overview  [PDF](1.04 MB)
3. Augmenting Infrastructure  [PDF](3.09 MB)
4. Primary Sector  [PDF](1.13 MB)
5. Secondary and Tertiary Sector  [PDF](1.43 MB)
6. Building Capacities and Competencies  [PDF](1.38 MB)
7. Mainstreaming and Showcasing  [PDF](535.28 KB)
8. Externally Aided Projects  [PDF](950.13 KB)
9. Strengthening and Streamlining Systems  [PDF](392.16 KB)
10. Annex - I  [PDF](1.75 MB)
11. Annex - II  [PDF](1.01 MB)
12. Annex - III  [PDF](178.74 KB)
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