Hill District Councils in Manipur

  1. The Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act, 1971, an Act passed by the Parliament paved the way for establishment of six Autonomous District Councils in Manipur. In accordance with the powers vested on the Governor of Manipur, following six Autonomous Districts Councils were constituted on 14th February, 1972:-
    1. Chandel Autonomous District Council,
    2. Churachandpur Autonomous District Council,
    3. Sadar Hills Autonomous District Council, Kangpokpi
    4. Manipur North Autonomous District Council, Senapati
    5. Tamenglong Autonomous District Council,
    6. Ukhrul Autonomous District Council.
  2. Elections - The first election to the autonomous district councils was held in 1973. The last elections were held in 2010.
  3. Amendments to the Act - So far the 1971 Act has been amended thrice:
    • 1975 -  The first amendment to the Act envisaged removal of the Chairman of the District Council by the Government for reasons to be recorded in writing upon passing of a resolution by the District Council by a simple majority of the total membership of the Council.
    • 2006 - The second amendment envisaged the following features:
      1. Notifying areas as urban areas for the purpose of development plan and to execute the works;
      2. Allotment/transfer/lease of land by a resolution passed by the District Council
    • 2008 - The third amendment to the Act envisaged the following:
      1. Increase in membership from18 to 24;
      2. Election Commission of the State to be entrusted election to HDC;
      3. Constitution of Executive Committee;
      4. Addition of 9 entries to the list of powers of the autonomous Hill Districts.
  4. Functions of the District Councils

    Section 2 of the Act vests the following powers with the Autonomous Hill District Council (the words in italics have been added by the third amendment to the Manipur (Hill Areas) DistrictCouncil Act, 1971):

    1. the maintenance and management of such property, movable and immovable, and institutions as may be transferred to that Council by the Governor
    2. the construction, repair and maintenance of such of the roads, bridges, channels and buildings as may be transferred to that Council by the Governor
    3. the establishment, maintenance and management of schools up to Class VIII
    4. the establishment, maintenance and management of dispensaries and Primary Health Sub-Centres
    5. the establishment and maintenance of cattle pounds including such functions under the Cattle-trespass Act, 1871 as may be transferred to that Council by the Governor
    6. the establishment; maintenance and management of markets and fairs and the construction, repair. and maintenance of all buildings connected therewith
    7. water supply and sanitation schemes
    8. the construction, repair and maintenance of embankments and the supply, storage and control of water for agricultural purposes including irrigation schemes
    9. the preservation, reclamation and conservation of soil
    10. animal husbandry and veterinarydispensaries
    11. the management of such ferries as may be entrusted to the charge of that Council by the Governor
    12. the initiation, inspection and control of relief works
    13. the allotment, occupation' or use, or the setting apart of land, other than land acquired for any public purpose or land which is a reserved forest, for the purpose of agriculture or grazing or for residential or other non-agricultural purposes or for any other purposes likely to promote theinterests of, the inhabitants of any village or town situated within the autonomous district for which  that council is constituted
    14. the management of any forest not being a reserved forest, minor forest produce including fuel and fodder
    15. the regulation of the practice of Jhum or other form of shifting cultivation
    16. fisheries
    17. co-operatives
    18. sports and youth affairs
    19. adult and non-formal education
    20. horticulture and floriculture
    21. rural housing and schemes under rural development including tribal development
    22. khadi & village industries and cottage industries
    23. small scale industries
    24. non-conventional energy sources
    25. library and cultural activities
    26. any other matter which the Administrator may, in consultation with the Hill Areas Committee, entrust to the District Council in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry, community development, social and tribal welfare, village planning or any other matter.
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