RAP/PAP (Restricted/Protected Area Permit)

As per the Circular dated 30.12.2010 issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the entire area of the States of Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland has been excluded from the Protected Area regime notified under the Foreigners (Protected Areas) Order 1958, initially for a period of one year w.e.f. 1.1.2011, subject to some conditions. The exemption has been extended upto 31st December, 2012 by MHA vide MHA ID Note No.13/6/99-NE.II Vol.V dated 23.3.2012. Please see Foreigners Division's FAQs given below on this.





1. Protected Area Permit (PAP) – Legal Provisions

Under the Foreigners (Protected Areas) Order, 1958[PDF](0 bytes) issued under the Foreigners Act, 1946[PDF](0 bytes) all areas falling between the 'Inner Line' as defined in the said order (this line is defined by the Ministry of Home Affairs) and the International border of the State have been declared as Protected Area.

Every foreigner except a citizen of Bhutan, who desires to enter and stay in a Protected or Restricted Area, is required to obtain a special permit from a competent authority delegated with powers to issue such a special permit to a foreigner on application.

A foreigner is not normally allowed to visit a protected/restricted area unless the Government is satisfied that there are exceptional reasons to justify it.

However, to promote tourism, some notified tourist circuits can be visited by foreign tourists either in groups of four or more, as a couple or as individual after obtaining necessary permit from the competent authority.

Penalties for violation of the above are liable to be taken against any person under Section 14 of the provisions of Foreigners Act, 1946, which reads:

"If any person contravenes the provisions of this Act or any order made thereunder, or any direction given in pursuance of this Act or such order, he shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years and shall also be liable to fine and if such person has entered into a bond in pursuance of clause (f) of sub-section (2) of section 3, his bond shall be forfeited, and any person bound thereby shall pay penalty thereof, or show cause to the satisfaction of the convincing Court why such penalty should not be paid".

Protected Areas presently are:


  1. whole of Arunachal Pradesh
  2. whole of Manipur
  3. whole of Mizoram
  4. whole of Nagaland
  5. whole of Sikkim (partly in Restricted Area and partly in Protected Area)


Certain areas of Sikkim between West Bengal-Sikkim border and the 'Inner Line' passing through the State have been declared as Restricted Area.

Remaining areas of the State falling between the Inner Line and the international border are Protected Areas.


2. Restricted Area Permit (RAP) – Legal Provisions


Under the Foreigners (Restricted Areas) Order, 1963[PDF](0 bytes) no foreigner can enter or stay in the 'Restricted Areas' without obtaining permit from the competent authorities. This is applicable to part of Sikkim.


4. Areas where applicable - foreigners are allowed to visit after obtaining PAP from the Competent Authority


Arunachal Pradesh:

(Allowed for 10 days with a group consisting of 4 or more persons)


  1. Along, Deporijo, Itanagar, Pasighat, Ziro
  2. Miao, Namdapha, Sejus (Pulii), Sejusa (Puki), Tipi
  3. Bhalukpong
  4. Pasighat-Jengging-Yingkiong.
  5. Bhalukpong-Bomdilla-Tawang
  6. Roing-Mayodila-Anini.
  7. Tezu-Hayuling


Manipur (presently no restrictions. Please see 1st para on top of page)

(Allowed for 5 days with a group consisting of 4 or more persons)


  1. Imphal-Bishenpur-Phubala-Moirang-Sendra-Keibul-Lamjao-Imphal
  2. Imphal-Moirang Lake-Keibul Lamjao-Churachandpur-Khuga-Imphal
  3. Imphal-Litan-Ukhrul-Shiroy-Sangsak-Imphal
  4. Imphal-Thoubal-Waithou Lake-Khongjam-Kakching-Thongjao-Waikhong-Sugnu-Imphal
  5. Imphal-Khonghampat-Kanglatombi-Kangpokpi-Senapati-Karong-Mao Gate-Imphal
  6. Imphal-Noneh-Khongsang-Nungba-Jiribam-Silchar


Mizoram (presently no restrictions. Please see 1st para on top of page)

(Allowed for 10 days with a group consisting of 4 or more persons)


  1. Aizawl
  2. Thingdawl
  3. Vairangte


The tourist groups are expected to travel on the identified tour circuits only:


  1. Calcutta/Guwahati to Aizawl by air or Guwahati to Aizawl by road
  2. Guwahti-Shillong-Silchar-Aizawl
  3. Aizawl-Thingdawl-Aizawl
  4. Aizawl-Vairangte-Aizawl


Nagaland (presently no restrictions. Please see 1st para on top of page)

(Allowed for 10 days with a group consisting of 4 or more persons or married couples)


  1. Dimapur District-Dimapur Town, Chumkiduma, Suthekima and all places on the National Highway No.39 enroute to Kohima town
  2. Kohima district-Kohima town, Khonoma, Dzulakie, Kigwema, Jakhama, Viswema Khuzama, Japhfu, Dzuku valley
  3. Mokokchung District-Mokokchung town, Lungkhum, Ungma, Impur, Mopungohukit, Chuchiyimlang, Tuli, Chanki
  4. Wokha district-Wokha Town, Doyang, Vankhosang, Tsunki, Governor's camp and Mount Tiyi
  5. Mon district-Mon town, Chui and Shangyu
  6. Phek district-Phek town and Pfutsero
  7. Tuensang district-Tuensang town
  8. Zunheboto district-Zunheboto town


Sikkim (partly in Restricted area and partly in Protected area);


(Allowed for 15 days with a group consisting of 4 or more persons)


Places under PAP are:


  1. Gangtok, Rumtek, Phodong, Pemaytangtse, Khechoperi, Tashiding
  2. Zongri
  3. Tasngu (Chhangu)
  4. Mangan, Singhik, Tong, Chungthang, Lachung, Yumthang
  5. Gangtok-Penlong-Tinjure-Rumtek/Martem
  6. Gangtok-Chungthang-Lachen-Thangu Mangan-Lingzia-Shabrung-Talung-Monastery-Kisong (except Yabok)
  7. Mangan-Lingzia-Sakyong-Royot Patam (except Gochala)-Dzongri-Yoksum
  8. Yumthang-Phuni-Punichoka-Tarum Chachu-Chungthang-Dikcho-phodong labrang-Namptam-Mangan-Maling-Singhik-Samartek-Chungthang
  9. Lachung-Yumthang-Yume-Samdong
  10. Sirwani-Tami-Damthong-Rabangla-Maenam
  11. Damtang-Tendong-Damthong-Rabangla-Maenam
  12. Yangaang-Singchuthang-Sirwani
  13. Rabangla-Maenam-Borong/Polout-Tashiding
  14. Kewzing-Rayong-Tinkitam-Legship
  15. Yoksum-Dzaongri-Thingsing-Lampokhri
  16. Utterey-Chewa-Bhajang-Dhond-Garakhet-Oktak-Dzongri
  17. Hilley-Versey-Singalila-Chewabhanjang (except utterey)
  18. Hilley-Versay-Dentum (except Pilling)
  19. Peilling-Sangcholing-Khecheperi-Yudsom-Dubdi-Sinon-Tashiding
  20. Pemayangtse-yoksam-Zongri or Rangpo-Yoksam-Zongri
  21. Gangtok-Tsangu(Chhangu) Lake
  22. Gangtok-Phodang-Mangan-Singhik-Tong-Chungthang-Lachung-Yumthang


Mountain Biking/white water sports routes


  1. Gangtok-Rumtek-Sang-Sirwani-Temi-Damthong-Ravong
  2. Kewzing-Tashiding-Yoksum-Gyalzing-Dentam-Rinchenpong-Soreng-Jorethang Melli
  3. Gangtok-Phodong-Rangrang-Dikchu-Makha-Sirwani and joint the Temi
  4. Gangtok-Rumtek-Sang-Sirwani-Temi-Nimchi-Jorethang-Melli
  5. Gangtok- Rumtek-Sang-Sirwani-Temi-Nimchi-Namthang-Rangpo


White water sports routes


  1. Chungthang-Dikchu-Singtam-Melli
  2. Legship-Jorethang-Melli

Places under RAP

  1. Gangtok
  2. Rumtek
  3. Phedong
  4. Pemayangtse


5. Who can issue?


The following authorities have been delegated powers to issue Protected Area Permit to organise foreign tourist groups for places mentioned above for a maximum period of 30 days after usual checks:


  1. Ministry of Home Affairs
  2. All Indian Missions abroad
  3. Foreigner Regional Registration Offices (FRRO) at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Amritsar, Hyderabad and Bangalore
  4. Home Commissioner, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar
  5. Resident Commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh at Delhi and Secretary (Tourism)


In Sikkim, the following are competent to also issue Permit in addition to (i) to (v) above:


  1. Chief Secretary/Home Secretary/Secretary (Tourism) of the State Govt. of Sikkim
  2. IG Police, Sikkim, Gangtok
  3. Assistant Director (Tourism), Govt. of Sikkim, Siliguri
  4. Deputy Director (Tourism), Govt. of Sikkim, New Delhi
  5. Resident Comissioner, Govt. of Sikkim, New Delhi
  6. Assistant Resident Commissioner, Govt. of Sikkim, Kolkata
  7. Tourism Officer, Rengpo
  8. Deputy Commissioner, Darjeeling
  9. Deputy Secretary/Under Secretary, Home Department, Govt. of West Bengal, Kolkata.


6. Conditions under which relaxation to PAP upto 31st December, 2012 has been granted to states of Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland by the Ministry of Home Affairs.


Citizens of Myanmar visiting States of Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland beyond 16 km from the Indo-Myanmar border will require prior approval of Ministry of Home Affairs for visiting these States.


Citizens of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and foreign nationals having their origin in this country will require prior approval of Ministry of Home Affairs before their visit to the states of Manipur, Mizoram & Nagaland.


All foreigners visiting these states shall register themselves with the FRRO office of the district they are visiting within 24 hrs of their arrival.


7. State-specific information for obtaining permits under RAP and PAP


The following are the links to the sites of the State Governments of NER that provide information on how to obtain permits under RAP and PAP. The conditions and restrictions differ from State to State.

Arunachal Pradesh








Sikkim (more…)

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