Transmission Projects

Transmission System of POWERGRID in North Eastern Region




       In NER, at present PG Network constitutes of :

  1. Transmission Lines : 4815 Ckms. (400kV: 1870, 220kV: 545, 132/ 66kV: 1810,Interregional (400kV): 430,Interregional (220kV): 160)
  2. Substations: 14 Nos. : 1445 MVA

    Details of the transmission system as well as Power Supply Scenario are enclosed at Annexure-1.[PDF](0 bytes)



2.1 Tr. System associated with Lower Subansiri HEP(2000 MW) and Kameng HEP (600 MW) and in Arunachal Pradesh

  1. Under this scheme, POWERGRID is constructing dedicated 400kV transmission system to interconnect the generating scheme to the pooling s/s at Bishwanath Chariali in Assam
  2. 6000 MW HVDC line (800kV) from Bishwanath Chariali in NER to Agra in NR for dispersal of power from NER to NR/WR.
  3. Details of Tr. System enclosed at Annexure-2.[PDF](0 bytes)
  4. Estimated Cost : Rs. 11,130 Crore
  5. Status : under implementation


    1. The generation of Lower Subanshiri and Kameng has been considerably delayed and now the project is expected to be commissioned by March 2015 and June 16 respectively.
    2. AC system for Lower Subansiri HEP by Dec., 2013(work slowed down to the maximum extent possible to match with the commissioning of Subansiri HEP)
    3. AC system for Kameng HEP by mid of 12th Plan.(work slowed down to the maximum extent possible to match with the commissioning of Kameng HEP)
    4. HVDC system by Sept, 2014.

2.2 Transmission system for Pallatana (726 MW) & Bongaigaon (750 MW)

The scheme comprises of the following :

  1. Generation linked Scheme :(NETCL Scope)

    Being constructed by NETC (JV of OTPC-35%, Tripura-10%, Assam-13%, Mizoram-10%, Manipur-6%, POWERGRID-26%)


    1. Cost: Rs. 1770 Cr
    2. Transmission System :


      1. 400kV D/C Pallatana – Silchar Line – 254 Kms Expected by June'12 subject to receipt of Forest clearance by April 12 for 11 locations (3 in Tripura & 8 in Assam)
      2. 400kV D/C Silchar– Bongaigaon Line – 408 Kms. Expected by Dec'12 subject to receipt of Forest clearance for 122 locations (58 in Assam & 64 in Meghalaya) by April 12
    3. Transmission System by POWERGRID :


      1. Approved Project Cost : Rs. 2144 Crore
      2. Transmission System :

        Broad Scope is as below :


        1. 8 no. of 400, 220 & 132kV new S/s (Silchar & Mariani in Assam, Rowing, Tezu & Namsai in Arunachal Pr., Imphal in Manipur, Melriat in Mizoram and Mokokchung in Nagaland)
        2. 14 no. of new 400, 220 & 132kV Transmission Lines


          1. Pallatana - Surajmaninagar 400kV D/C line (charged at 132kV) (for Tripura)
          2. Silchar – Purba Kanchan Bari 400kV D/C line (charged at 132kV) (for Tripura)
          3. Silchar – Melriat (New) 400kV D/C line (charged at 132kV) (for Mizoram)
          4. Silchar – Imphal (New) 400kV D/C line (charged at 132kV) (for Manipur)
          5. Mariani(new) - Mokokchung (PG) 220kV D/C line (for Nagaland)
          6. Pasighat–Roing–Tezu–Namsai 132kV S/c line (on D/c tower) (for Ar. Pradesh)

        Details enclosed as Annexure- 3.[PDF](0 bytes)

      3. Project is under implementation and the following elements are already ready for commissioning


        The balance system is expected to be commissioned progressively from May-2012 onwards


        1. 2x200 MVA, 400/132kV new S/s at Silchar –Already charged
        2. Silchar – Srikona (Assam) 132kV D/c line - Already charged

3.0 Comprehensive Scheme for Strengthening of Transmission and Distribution System in NER & Sikkim.


3.1 Background


A comprehensive scheme for strengthening of transmission, sub-transmission and distribution system has been evolved by CEA in consultation with POWERGRID and NER states. The DPRs of the same has been prepared by POWERGRID. The scheme has been programmed in two phases; Phase-I progressively by 2013-14 and Phase-II progressively by 2014-15.


3.2 The DPR

  1. The main DPR was submitted on January 06, 2010.
  2. The revises/supplementary DPRs of Arunachal Pradesh(Distribution), Tripura (Transmission/Sub-transmission), Sikkim(Transmission/Sub-transmission and Distribution) was submitted on 06-07-2010.
  3. The revised DPRs of Arunachal Pradesh(Transmission/ Sub-transmission) was submitted on 19-07-2010.

The DPR consists of 10 volumes - 8 volumes covering transmission and distribution schemes (phase-I & II) for 7 NER States and Sikkim, 1 volume for common transmission system and 1 volume for the common technical write-up & brief for the total schemes.


3.3 Scope of Work



  1. Transmission (132kV & above) : About 5700 Kms.
  2. Distribution (33kV & above) : About 8450 Kms.


  1. Transmission (132kV & above) : 87 nos. (about 7400 MVA)
  2. Distribution (33kV & above) : 332 nos. (about 2255 MVA)

3.4 Estimated Cost


The summary of cost estimates of the present scheme (for which DPRs are being prepared) is as given below :


Transmission System              : Rs. 7649.82 Crore


Distribution System                : Rs. 2372.15 Crore


Sub-Total                             : Rs. 10021.97 Crore


Consultancy Charges @ 12% : Rs. 1326.51 Crore


Total Cost                             : Rs. 11348.48 Crore


Total Cost including IDC     : Rs. 11411.00 Crore


The detailed break-up of the cost estimate & scope of works is enclosed at Annexure-4.[PDF](0 bytes)


3.5 Funding Arrangement


It is understood that Ministry of Power and Dept of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance have taken up the matter further, for arrangement of funds through Govt.


of India and World Bank. As per information received from MoP, the World Bank has proposed to provide assistance of US $ 1500 Million in three tranches of US $ 500 Million each. Accordingly, MoP has desired that transmission and distribution works covered in the DPR may be prioritized to match with the first tranche (US $ 500 Million) of the proposed World Bank Assistance.


In line with the above, CEA in consultation with POWERGRID and concerned state officials have taken up the prioritization of the scope of work based on the earlier DPR for 1st tranche of the above mentioned World Bank assistance, for 6 states viz. Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Nagaland and Manipur.

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