NE Connect Issues

Action Taken on recommendation made by M.P. Bezbaruah Committee Report to address the concerns of the people from North-East:


(a) Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports

(b) Sports Authority of India


1. Accommodation for NE students[PDF](53.11 KB)


2. MHA's Advisory on discrimination and racial profiling faced by Indian Citizens NE States in some parts of the country - Measurs needed to curb[PDF](293.34 KB)


3. Contact of Representative of NE State[PDF](22.38 KB)


4. List of JT. CsP/RANGES, Addl. Csp & DCsP/ DISTRICT & NIGHT GOs DELHI & DISTRICT[PDF](437.43 KB)


5. Delhi Police Standing Order No. 383/2012, Tackling The Problems Faced By Students & Others From NE States in Delhi

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