Nodal Officers for States

State Nodal Area Officers Of M/o DONER

  1. Ministry of DONER has assigned Director/Deputy Secretary level officers to each of the North Eastern States for purposes of touring and field visits to monitor implementation of the Plan Schemes of the Ministry. The officers have to visit the respective states assigned to them at least once the quarter and inspect projects on site.  They are required to report to the Ministry on the following aspects:


    1. Date of sanction
    2. Date of award of contract/work
    3. Whether the implementing agency is following the prescribed tendering procedure to insure fair competition (a certificate to this effect shall be obtained from the implementing agency)
    4. Financial progress as on date
    5. General work quality
    6. Total fund released and fund utilised
    7. Approved date for completion
    8. Anticipated date of completion (in case of any delay)
    9. Justification for delay, if any
  2. Allocation of States to officers


    Allocation of States to officers
    Sl. No. Officer Designation State
    1. Shri S P Singh Director Sikkim
    2. Dr. Harmeet Singh Director Assam
    3. Smt. Samita Arora Deputy Secretary Assam
    4. Shri B.N. Prasad Director Tripura 
    5. Ms. V.L. Roui Kullai Director Meghalaya and Manipur
    6. Ms. Mercy Epao Director Arunachal Pradesh
    7. Shri Ravindra Choudhary Director Nagaland


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